DDA Services

A New Hope provides developmental services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. We offer services that improve the quality of life for children, adults, and their families. We offer Developmental Disability Services for children and Adult Day Services in our Clubhouse for adults. These individually tailored services provide the skills the clients need to participate more fully at home, school, and in the community. This is accomplished through daily life skills training and behavior intervention services.

Behavior Intervention Services

Behavior Intervention Services are designed to teach children the life skills they need to become more independent. This may include social skills training, teaching children how to effectively communicate their wants and needs, how to develop skills to meet personal care needs, and how interact successfully with others. Therapies are provided in the most effective setting for learning, including both home and community settings. Therapy is typically conducted one-on-one.
Community Based Supports

Community-Based Supports provides assistance to a child with a developmental disability by facilitating the child’s independence and integration into the community. This service provides an opportunity for children to explore their interests, practice skills, and learn through interactions in typical community activities. Community-Based Supports encourages involvement in age-appropriate activities and engaging with typical peers according to the ability of the child.
Family Education

Family Education is provided by a professional to family members or others who participate in caring for the child to help them better meet the needs of the child. It offers education that is specific to the needs of the family and is designed to provide an orientation to developmental disabilities and to educate families on generalized strategies for behavioral modification and intervention techniques specific to the child’s diagnoses.
Therapeutic Consultation

Therapeutic Consultation provides behavioral expertise, training and technical assistance for individuals, family members, caregivers, and service providers. The Therapeutic Consultants meet the stringent training requirements set forth by the State of Idaho to provide both supports and intervention services to individuals and families who may be in crisis or needing a high level of support.

Children’s Services