Supported Living

A New Hope’s Supported Living program is a certified agency that provides an array of individually-tailored services and supports to eligible participants. A New Hope uses a therapeutic supportive model to design a person-centered plan. These plans assist the person to reside successfully in their own homes, with their own family or an alternative family home. Our therapeutic support model targets deficits in self-direction, money management, daily living skills, socialization, mobility, behavior shaping and management, and personal assistance services.

Intense Support

Intense supports are 24/7 supervision with 1:1 ratio of care. This means the participant has one specific direct care staff assigned to them at all times. Intense supports are usually utilized for participants who have aggressive behaviors or intense medical needs.
High Support

High supports are 24/7 supervision with up to 3:1 ratio of care. This means there may be one direct care staff assigned to up to three participants. High supports are usually utilized for participants who need consistent monitoring but are more independent in behavior management and do not have intense medical needs.
Hourly Support

Hourly supported living is provided for higher functioning participants with a lower service need. During these supports, a direct care staff works with a participant in their home and in the community for a set number of hours per week. The number of hours a participant can receive per week is determined by their needs and preferences.
A&D Services

Aged and Disabled waiver services: This service allows a person who qualifies for a skilled nursing facility to, instead stay in their own home. This service helps the participant maintain their daily living to increase their quality of life. Individuals may qualify for these services at Intense Support, High Support or Hourly Support as described in Residential Habilitation / Supported Living description.